Dr Sami Habal

Mr Sami Habal - Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vitreoretinal Surgeon

Mr Sami Habal, MD, MRCSEd Ophth, FRCOphth is an experienced ophthalmic surgeon with a diverse expertise in the management of a variety of eye conditions and pathologies. His profile is enriched by working in renowned ophthalmic units in the Middle East, Canada, and the UK.

He followed a higher Surgical Ophthalmology training and fellowships in Toronto, complemented by training in the Midlands and Oxfordshire. Since 2014, he has worked as a consultant surgeon in a number of hospitals in the UK including Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and currently holds a Substantive Consultant & Ophthalmic Surgeon post at the renowned King’s College Hospital, where he examines and treats patients and teaches the next generation of Ophthalmologists in the South East London region.

He developed expertise in the management of simple and complex cataract, wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retina patients. He has a special interest in dealing with all types of Vitreoretinal cases including retinal detachment, macular holes and advanced diabetic retinopathies.

He has performed thousands of cataract and vitrectomy surgeries with outstanding outcomes. Mr Habal is also highly interested in Medical and Surgical Education and he has presented in national and international conferences and meetings. As well as this, he is fluent in English and Arabic and also has some French and Spanish.

Why choose Habal Eye Surgery for your treatment?

This will allow you to have your customised consultation which suits you and after taking into account your flexibility at work and other social commitments. As the appointment venue, time and date will ensure that it will not only suit your possibly busy schedule but only to discuss with Mr. Habal your main concerns and complaints about your eye health and vision.

Mr. Habal will be open, honest with the consultation, and give you all the clinical and surgical options for treatment if needed.

Piece of mind, the long track of the positive experience and testimonials expressed from previous patients treated by Mr. Habal means that you will be assured that you have reached the right decision by contacting Mr. Habal's team to request a consultation which will put you at ease from the start of the journey.

This gives you the option of discussing the pro and cons of each type of treatment you have been offered.

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